AZALEA I necklace and earrings

  • Колекция: Touch of Gold
  • Кат. номер: TG002
Цена: 85,00 лв.
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Shine with confidence with our AZALEA necklace and earrings set!

Combining elegance and class with modern minimalism, every part can be worn alone or in combination with another simple jewel from our essential collection. 





  • Necklace and earrings
  • Material: brass
  • Finishing: 24k gold plating 
  • Stone: White Zirconia
  • Type of closure: springring clasp, butterfly fastenings
  • Chain thickness: 1,5 mm
  • Length: 40 cm
  • Hoop Size: 3 cm
  • Earrings Length: 4,6 cm
  • Weight: 15g.
  • Hand-finished
  • Gift wrapping






The "less is more" philosophy is the inspiration behind the Touch of Gold collection.
These brass refined jewellery, crowned with white Zirconia, build a minimalist setting where the pure elegance shines by itself.













Product care:
Product care:

To ensure your jewellery long life we recommend you to handle it with care!

  • Keep jewellery away from water and chemicals, such as hair spray, perfumes, lotions etc., as they may damage the finish of your jewellery.
  • Pulling the chains can cause stress to the connections causing weak spots or breaks, so be careful and remove your jewellery during physical activities.
  • Jewellery with silver and gold plating changes colour over time. 
  • We recomend you to store your jewellery separately, in its original packaging, in a dry place.