Past Collections

I Touch Of Gold I 1 July 2018

With focus on clean lines and light shapes, Touch Of Gold is for those who find elegance in simple things. The limited collection impresses with a minimalist design, gentle colours and a delicate golden finish.

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I Valley Of Flowers I 10 September 2017

Each piece of Valley of Flowers is unique and made entirely by hand, using traditional and contemporary methods. That makes the silk hard, flexible and strong, but still keeping it ethereal. This beautiful silk jewellery will be a lovely gift for any flower lover!

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I Dream of Butterfly I16 May 2017

Handcrafted of natural silk cocoons these one-of-a-kind jewellery push the boundaries of the material and its qualities. The silk cocoon is the place where the little caterpillar spends the time before it becomes a butterfly - "dreaming" of beautiful flowers! This dream comes to life in the Kriartee jewellery adding a distinctive artisan aspect to any outfit!

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